Wanting to throw a Fondue and Fabulous Shoes Party?  Here are some beautiful products from Etsy that would really make an impact at your party!  


1.  Amethyst Drink Glass Set, Hazel Atlas "Moroccan" Purple Glasses - Vintageeclecticity

These would be perfect for displaying "fondue dippers" like fruit or pretzels or for small floral arrangements.  

2. Purple Passion Stiletto High Heel Shoe Favor Boxes - shadow090109

How cute would a few truffles stuffed into the toe of this shoe be on every guests plate.  Add a little nametag to it and it could double as a placecard!  

3. Large Paisley Scarf Pashmina - LePetitMonkey

The texture of this could add a lot to the decor draped over a chair or as a table runner!

4. Moroccan / Arabian Candle Lanterns - MoroccanArganOil

A few of these lanterns would make a big impact on the drama in the space.

AuthorGretchen Postiglione