The party was in the "Enchanted Forest" located at the back of my aunt's 30 acres.  After the guests arrived, we took a carriage (i.e. tractor pulling a trailer)  to the enchanted forest.   Along the way guests saw little fairy tale vignettes and my mother was the tour guide on the "enchanted tour."  The kids expressions during the tour were so priceless and a little creativity and a LOT of imagination on their part made it truly magical.  


1st Stop: 3 Little Pigs - A pile of sticks, a pile of hay and a little brick house made from a cardboard house a few cardboard bricks and brick paper.  


2nd Stop: Hansel and Gretel Candy House

3rd Stop: Cinderella's Carriage - after it had turned back into a was after midnight!


4th Stop: Wicked Queen's Hideout - apples scattered around a mirror where the Wicked Queen had been making the poison apple.


5th Stop: Troll Bridge - a bridge with a few giant footprints gave all the little ones quite a spook...but most were brave enough to run across!


6th Stop: Fairy Trees - strobe lights with tulle scattered in a few trees and a couple little fairy ornaments.   We told the kids to keep an eye out for fairies and their little imaginations were already going and they were "seeing them" everywhere before we even hit the fairy trees.

7th Stop: The 7 Dwarfs Diamond Mine: a big pile of dirt, a few plastic jewels and a couple picks.


8th Stop: Rupunzel's Tower: My aunt has an amazing tire climb so we added a "house" at the top and a really long braid (which took 3 bodies to braid) all the way down to the ground.


We also caught a glimpse of Little Red Riding Hood in the woods and drove by Crocodile Lake.  

We ended in the Enchanted Forest for the perfect Fairy Tale Party

AuthorGretchen Postiglione