I shared the first part of this party last week.  If you've ever thrown a party for toddlers you know that their attention span is short so you have to have a LOT planned.  So for the Fairy Tale party I packed the party full of activities to keep them interested.   

Cardboard Castle and Markers - as we waited for all of the guests to arrive kids played and colored in the castle.

Mad Hatter Tea Party - a mini table and chairs with hats and mini teacups and pots where kids could play and pretend.  


Enchanted Tour and Carriage Ride - The party was in the "Enchanted Forest" located at the back of my aunt's 30 acres.  So to get there, guests took a carriage (i.e. tractor pulling a trailer.) Along the way guests saw little fairy tale vignettes and my mother was the tour guide on the "enchanted tour" - which will be outlined tomorrow in more detail.  

Decorating Treasure Boxes -  Each kid got a chipboard treasure box to decorate with stickers and markers

Snow White and the Dwarfs Diamond Dig - Kids took their treasure boxes to the mine (sandbox) and search for diamonds - Each kid got to dig up one jewel for their box.


Pin the Braid on Rapunzel - Our version of pin the tail on the donkey.  


Story Time - While the kids ate cake they listened to a story in the story time arbor.


All these activities were perfect for toddlers and they had a blast (and so did the parents!)

AuthorGretchen Postiglione