When you get a party invitation, you get a good feel of what to expect at the party.   A wedding invitation should be no different.  It is easy to get caught up in Pinterest, finding images of invites we like the look of...but just because an invite appeals to you, does not mean it is the right invite for your event.  When I sit down with a bride, I ask the following questions to get a good idea of what their wedding will be like so that I can make sure the invitation portrays that same feel.  I recommend going through these questions with your invite designer as well.  


Where is the wedding?

Location tells a lot.  If a wedding is in a barn or outdoors, the attire and feel is already much more relaxed than a wedding in a banquet room.  

What time of day is the wedding?

 Time also is telling.   A morning wedding has a lighter feel while an evening wedding usually is more dramatic.

What do you want the attire to be?

 Black tie?  Beach attire? This has to be conveyed in the invite.  It can be actually stated in the wording, but the design itself should convey the same level of formality as the attire desired.  

What colors/decor are you using?  

Many times these are pulled into the invite to give a "hint" of the evening.  For example, if your colors are navy and cream, it doesn't make sense to have a hot pink invite.  If your wedding will have lots of vintage accents, this same feel should be portrayed in the invite. 

If you go into your meeting with your invite designer with a good understanding of these questions and less of just "ideas you like", you should be able to get a design that you really like and sets the tone for your wedding perfectly.  

AuthorGretchen Postiglione