My daughter Coletti's first birthday party is definitely one of my favorite themes.  Coletti is the type of kid that always had (and still has) food all over her face.  She has a definite LOVE of food that she inherited from her foodie parents (sorry, honey, you may weigh 400 lbs. someday.)  It is only fitting as an Italian girl, that one of her first solids was pasta and she inhaled it.  So we started calling her Coletti Spaghetti and it stuck.  In fact, so much so, that now at almost three, if you say her middle name she corrects you and tells you its Spaghetti.  So when it came time for her first birthday, we knew we had to have a Spaghetti party.  


If there is one thing I've learned from joining an Italian American family it is that food is very important and is the center of any gathering.  So it was fitting that our Italian Princess' party was completely centered around food - LOTS of food.   Starting with appetizers - antipasti, bruschetta, and caprese salad and finishing the main meal with spaghetti, of course. 

Guests washed down all that food with their favorite "bevande" - Italian beer, Italian soda, Italian water and of course wine.    We set up our living room like a little Italian restaurant for the kids to eat at.  


After dinner, we enjoyed a gelato bar, cannolis from Sugar Sisters, and "Spaghetti" cupcakes, (recipe from Hello Cupcake Cookbook) paired with espresso.  My husband has inherited quite the collection of espresso sets, so it was fun to get to use these! 


Although eating was the focus, we did enjoy some Italian games like Bocce and our favorite card game, Briscola.  

For decor, I wanted to use the green and red from the Italian flag, but didn't want too much of that and definitely didn't want a lot of the red checkers. So I tried to use lots of wood accents, wine crates for displays, and pictures of our baby girl.   My good friend, Mollie Wetta, arranged some beautiful flowers to tie it all together.   I also created a Coletti Spaghetti sign out of chipboard letters and beige yarn to mimic the invite. 

The focal point, though, was the Colitti family crest.  My mother-in-law had it framed for us, and it was fun for all of our friends to see the history behind Coletti's name!  

It was a fun party to throw, and Coletti Spaghetti enjoyed all the spaghetti!

AuthorGretchen Postiglione