Guest Feature - Written by Faith Geilenfeldt of Bel Amour Events.

The unity ceremony holds so much meaning in a wedding and is one of the oldest wedding traditions! It is a public display of two becoming one! As a wedding coordinator, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard brides say “I don’t want to do a unity candle or sand ceremony...I want something that is different!” Well ladies... here are a few unique options.

Paint Ceremony

Pour different colors of paint over a canvas, and let the colors run together. After the wedding, you will have a fun piece of art to hang in your home!

Incorporating children? Just add additional colors and let them help in the pouring.

Images from  genuinebranches  on

Images from genuinebranches on

The Box Ceremony:

During your ceremony, place your wedding vows or letters your have written to each in a wooden box, along with a bottle of wine. Nail or lock it shut and on your first anniversary, open the box, pour a glass of wine and read your letters or vows to each other.

Incorporating children? Write a set of vows to your children from you, as a couple. After reading the vows to them during the ceremony, place them in the box along with your other vows or letters and let them assist in nailing or locking it shut.

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Photo from

Wine Ceremony:

Pour two different kinds of wine together into one bottle. Have the bottle corked and save it to open on your anniversary.

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