For the Fondue and Fabulous Shoes Shower we wanted all different shades of purple and pink sugar for our truffles to sit on.  However, when I went to the cake store I was disappointed in the color selection: pink and lavender.  I wanted some deeper colors, so I experimented with what has become my new favorite thing: powdered food coloring.  Below are the steps to creating the super vibrant colored sugar shown here!   

Coloring Sugar is the perfect solution for hard-to-find colors.  Photo by  Mollie Wetta Photography

Coloring Sugar is the perfect solution for hard-to-find colors.  Photo by Mollie Wetta Photography

What you will need:

Sugar Crystals - You can use regular sugar, but the sugar crystals you get at a cake store work better - get clear or you can start with a color for a base for really rich colors.

Powdered Food Coloring - This seemed expensive to me when I bought it, but a little goes a long way and I've been using one pack of colors for a few years.  

colored sugar.jpg

Step 1

Portion out how much sugar you need and pour into a Tupperware container or Ziplock baggie.  I poke a few fork holes in the foil on top of the food coloring to act like shakers.  

Step 2

Add 2-3 shakes of food coloring into the bag with the sugar.  Think back to basic color mixing from elementary school to achieve your desired color.  

Step 3

You can always add more color (if it is too light) and sugar (if it is too dark).  You can store the sugar in sealed containers just like sprinkles for use later on!  

Note: If you aren't plating the sugar right away make sure to re-shake right before use.  The coloring can pool at the bottom if you don't shake, giving you uneven color when you pour.

Also an added bonus: As the night went on, the truffles we made melted, and instead of sticking to the plates and making a mess for guests, they just stuck to a layer of sugar giving a nice added "sugar layer" to the bottom of the candies!  

AuthorGretchen Postiglione

The most important part of a party, in my opinion, is the food.  Cakes and cupcakes are the staples, but I'm a fan of themes carrying over to all food items and a creative name can make almost any food appropriate for the theme.  Fridays I will be sharing cute ideas for themed party food, cakes and cupcakes!  Here are a couple cupcake ideas that are inspired by The Hungry Caterpillar and Peter Rabbit.  These would be perfect for a Book Themed Baby Shower or Birthday Party!  


The caterpillar cupcakes have simple marbled green fondant toppers and the Peter Rabbit Garden cupcakes feature fondant veggies on top of oreo "dirt."

AuthorGretchen Postiglione